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33 1/3 Things NOT to Change About Cleveland '#11. Mike the Hatter

For more than 70 years, Mike The Hatter has survived fickle fashion, the near-demise of downtown shopping and President John F. Kennedy (whose public disdain for chapeaus did for the hat industry what the Bay of Pigs did for Cuban liberation).

The store on Prospect Avenue, named for a distant relative, carries an inventory of 40,000 hats - enough to top every man, woman and child in Berea - ranging from $5 knit caps to $400 mink hats.

You learn something about both hats and human nature in this business.  Women buying hats for men "look for something solid, substantial, something that's going to be around for awhile," Kapottos says.  "A guy wants one for tonight."'

by Brian E. Albrecht (Reprinted from The Plain Dealer May 10th, 1998 issue)



  • Great store, the guys helped us find the right hats and sized them. We looked so good in them people wanted to know where we got them. Mike The Hatter, is the place to go. (B.M., Mansfield, OH)
  • These guys pulled out all the stops and made the impossible, POSSIBLE! They produced what I envisioned during my first visit. They even customized it within DAYS of my wedding. I absolutely recommend them for all your hat needs. They've earned my business for life and will do the same for you. (N.S., Cleveland, OH)
  • Love the great assortment of styles for guys and women. I bought a gift card for my husband because I couldn't decide on one!! (J.D., Cleveland, OH)
  • Thanks for the great service! The hats are fantastic, I've gotten alot of compliments on them. (R.L., Chicago, IL)
  • Thank you so very much for your extremely prompt and efficient service. We are very pleased with our purchase and even more pleased with your service! (D.G., Albany, NY)
  • I recently purchased a leather porkpie. The fit was great, the service was topnotch. In fact, I just ordered another hat from you. This looks like the start of a great friendship. (J.T., Princeton, NJ)
  • Just wanted to thank you! I was doubtful about ordering a hat over the internet, but it worked out perfectly. Size and everything is just right. Great speedy service, too! (B.Y., Richmond, IN)
  • My husband asked me to write to thank you so very much for the wonderful job your company did on his hats. We had sent you 3 hats for cleaning and they arrived yesterday. He is so very pleased with your prompt service and friendliness, he said he would definitely recommend you. (D.P., Tiline, KY)
  • You guys are incredible!! I didn't expect my order this fast!!! (Y.A., Ledge, MT)
  • I received my hats back today and have to say that your company did a great job on those old hats. They look new and ready to wear! I'll be using your service from now on. (K.B., Plains, TX)
  • I just received my Dobbs hat the other day and it looks great. Thanks for sending it out so promptly! (C.F., Tucson, AZ)
  • Just wanted to let you know that the cowboy hat to snap brim conversion you did was very nicely done. Thank you! (D.C., Lowell, MI)
  • You guys are the best! Fast and efficient. Great product for a fair price! I will be visiting your online store again, it is no mistake you are still in business after all these years! (R.M., Santa Cruz, CA)